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Expanding Possibility

Three mental fitness guides to expand your mind and what's possible.

(1) Moonshot Thinking

Moonshot thinking is all about making the impossible possible. Think of all the apps, tools, and technology you use daily. Think of the things that help run your day and that you cannot imagine your life without. They all started from one person and one mind asking powerful questions to solve an issue, at that very time, that may have seemed impossible.  

Naturally, your first set of questions and answers will rest on the surface of the issue. Keep peeling back the layers by asking yourself ‘why’? And then asked it again until you have reached the root cause. 

  • What are the most significant global challenges right now?

  • What is one challenge that genuinely speaks to you? What are the symptoms of this challenge?

  • What is the root cause of this challenge?

  • What can you do to make the impossible possible? 

  • What is your moonshot?

  • What will it feel like when you succeed with your moonshot?

  • What is one step you can take today toward your moonshot?

(2) The Future You

Journaling is not only reserved for working through challenging emotions or situations. You can have a ton of fun and let your imagination run wild when visualizing the future. In this exercise detail is paramount. What is the future you doing, seeing and feeling?

Do not spare any detail when writing out your future environment. Narrow in on the elements and emotions linked to your experience to make it feel real in your mind. When you drop into the experience's feeling, your mind starts wiring the path to realizing your dreams.

  • What does my life look and feel like right now?

  • What is something that feels unimaginable to achieve in my life? 

  • What does my life look and feel like 1 year from now?

  • What does my life look and feel like in 5 years?

  • What does my life look and feel like in 10 years?

  • What does my life look and feel like in 20 years?

(3) Implementing Affirmations

What you think about becomes your reality. Unfortunately, our mental narrative does not always serve us, and we often find ourselves thinking thoughts and reaffirming actions that do not support the life we want. Affirmations are one way to rewire this mental narrative.

Get personal and specific with your affirmations. State them in the present tense. Close your eyes after writing out each to visualize what that would look and feel like. It only takes seconds but allows the affirmation to go from just words to a real feeling inside your body. 

Remember: thinking and believing require action to materialize the intended effects. When you think, feel, and believe in what you want, clarity starts to develop around the steps necessary to achieve your desired results. Follow the signs and take action.

State your affirmations:

I am…

Thank you for...


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