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Where am I playing it safe?

Hi Friends! I hope you’re all rocking!

It’s that time of year when we naturally slow down. So take time to reflect on the year coming to a close and prime your mind to thrive in the coming year!

The prompts below will pair well with any end-of-year reflection practices you may be running. If you are interested, I also have a free guide with prompts and techniques that I’ve used for over a decade to start a New Year clear, intentional, and motivated. It’s time to give ourselves the luxury of the pause. Here are three questions offering that opportunity.

(1) Where am I playing it safe?

Think of the most important areas in your life. Where you direct the majority of your energy, personally and professionally. We all know the answer to this prompt but often pretend not to.

Another perspective you can take is to reflect on where you are expecting world-class results but playing an average game. After you answer this prompt, pose the question again, until you move past the surface and feel like you're gathering the core insights.

Surface-level insights, lead to surface-level results.

(2) Which experiences have I conquered?

Now it's time to boost our confidence with a practice I learned from the bucket list expert, Ben Nemtin (p.59 in Personal Socrates). A practice I call "experience stacking." We quickly forget about the situations that once felt terrifying, but after leaning in, we conquered. Bring those moments back by listing them on a page. Smile and celebrate yourself, you rocked these moments and should be proud!

Now it's time to include one more thing on that list—the situation where you are currently playing it safe. Go for it, you've done it before, and you can do it again.

(3) What's the worse that can happen?

Fear often holds us back from fully leaning in. Let's be honest with ourselves, we like to feel safe, and know what to expect. But, playing it safe also leads to regrets in life. This prompt will help reframe and shift our perspective of a situation releasing or re-channelling fear. Often the worst-case scenario is not that bad at all, rarely comes to fruition, or we are able to mitigate the risk by thinking of alternatives should the scenario play out. Visualize yourself 6-months out (or whatever timeline feels right for you) after mustering the courage to fully lean in. How do you feel? Which actions made the outcome successful? Where and how did you mitigate any risks in your decision? Never forget, at any point you are always one question away from a different life or outcome.

Here's to quality questions and thriving minds!


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