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Sleep Guides

Sleep is a natural healing tool for our body and essential to living a healthy and thriving life. There are very simple journaling rituals you can leverage before going to sleep to help clear your mind.

Fall Asleep Faster

Our days can get busy with a lot of mental clutter, many decisions to make and tasks to complete. The thing with mental clutter is that if you don’t release it, the clutter keeps piling up and circulating in our minds while we try to fall asleep.

Before bed, list your top priorities for the next day. Research has shown with this simple act you can fall asleep just as fast as taking a pharmaceutical to help you sleep. Top this off with gratitude and you have a winning formula.

  • What are your top 3 priorities for tomorrow?

  • What was amazing about today?

Play Out Your Movie

Would you like to head to Rome for the evening, explore the streets, stay in a stunning hotel, or live out an experience with no rules? You can do whatever you like! Just like an Olympic skier visualizes every detail of their run before they physically do it, you can mentally play out your life before it physically materializes.

Close your eyes and feel the experience— your mind will do the rest.

  • What experience do you want to live out tonight?

  • Where have you always wanted to go?

  • What do you want to see?

  • How do you want to feel?

Wake Up With Solutions

Many of the answers we seek are already within the knowledge we hold. Let your mind do the work and uncover the solutions while you sleep.

When we sleep, we have silence, and our mind is free to pull from our knowledge bank and start forming connections. This technique is often used by writers but can be leveraged by all.

Write out your question, go to sleep, and first thing when you wake up, with a pen and piece of paper, start answering your question in detail–write everything that comes to mind.

  • What question do you want to be answered?


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