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Ask Better Questions, Get Better Results

I want to be your teams' mental fitness strategist. Because when individuals have personalized strategies in place to mentally thrive, brands and businesses also thrive. 


My objective as a speaker, facilitator, and mental fitness strategist is to guide teams with thought-provoking prompts and practices leading to healthier minds, clearer thinking, and expanded mental capacity. But, first, let me provide some background of where I’m coming from.

  • I spent a decade working on corporate teams. I started in sales, survived working as an analyst (I appreciate all you analysts out there!), and finished my corporate career in product management and strategy working on $100M brands.

  • Next, I moved into entrepreneurship and app development, taking my passion for mental fitness to create one of the first guided journaling apps (KYO), which reached 86.9M people in the first two years of launch.

  • I’m the author of Personal Socrates, a best-selling book profiling iconic thinkers’ prompts and mental fitness practices such as Kobe Bryant, Maya Angelou, Robin Williams, James Clear, Coco Chanel, Stephen Hawking, and many others.

  • My keynotes and mental fitness immersive experiences are current as I continue to study award-winning writers, designers, strategists, entrepreneurs, technologists, musicians, athletes, and more through my top 50 ranking podcast Behind the Human. I use these conversations to provide inspiration and examples of where and how pointed self-inquiry can help your health, happiness and performance.

  • I practice what I preach and have used each prompt and practice presented, personally and professionally. The techniques I teach have been around for thousands of years, and I am providing a practical and straightforward modern implementation method.


Where ancient wisdom meets modern-day mental fitness leaving attendees with a bulletproof system to train their minds to work for them, not against them. 

(available in-person or virtual)


Five sequential sessions of preventative mental fitness to boost health, happiness, and performance. Includes de-escalation practices/prompts for high-stress scenarios.

(available in-person or virtual)




For teams, groups, or clients with minds at full capacity. The Better Questions, Better Results experience provides participants with practices and prompts to pause the autopilot of life/work, clear mental clutter and expand thinking.

(available in-person or virtual)

Working with stunning humans and brands.

"Thanks again Marc for an amazing event. We're already getting rave reviews, thanks for making this such a seamless experience. As always, thank you for your energy and presence, one of our best to date in my opinion." Nicholas W, Google People Development

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Where the Practices Come From

The mental fitness practices, prompts, and protocols taught in my experiences are derived from over 200 interviews with world-class thinkers, a decade of study, and my book Personal Socrates: Questions that will upgrade your life from legends and world-class performers.

“Insightful and provocative questions that can help you think about how to become a better leader and person.”
-Alex Auerbach, Wellness and Development at Toronto Raptors

"Marc Champagne is one of the most passionate, thoughtful, and kind humans I’ve ever met. He’s translated his positive energy into a wonderful book filled with practical insights to gain clarity, a fulfilling life, and limitless outcomes. If there was ever a guide to a rich life, this is it!"
-Perry Monaco, LinkedIn


“Solving billion-person challenges starts with asking the right questions. Marc’s new book, Personal Socrates, is a guide to finding those questions.”
-Naveen Jain, Billionaire Entrepreneur and Philanthropist


"Personal Socrates is a beautiful guide to unlocking emotional optimism.”
-Claude Silver, CHO VaynerMedia


“Exceptional entrepreneurs and thinkers have more questions than answers. Marc provides the mental framework to find the questions that matter most."
-Jason Feifer, Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine

“I’ve been listening to Marc on the Behind the Human podcast for years. His approach to mental fitness is modern, practical, and most importantly, implementable for individuals and businesses”
–Radek Sali, Chairman Light Warrior Investments & Ventures


Ready to chat? Message me or let's set up a video chat.

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