Better questions, better life.

I am obsessed with questions. Not just any questions, but the best questions to unlock clear thinking, intentional living, and expanded possibility.

For over a decade I've been unpacking and studying the mental fitness practices and reflective questions shaping the lives of some of the most successful and brilliant thinkers in the world.


co-founded the journaling app (KYO) powered by prompts, which ended up reaching over 86 million people in under two years.


Questions are my passion and helping people, teams, and brands ask better questions lights me up. After two years of writing, those questions and practicing are all coming together in my first book. 

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my new book publishing October 2021


Connecting and working with stunning humans and brands.

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The Podcasts.

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Host of Behind The Human

(Top 50 in Fitness)


Unpacking the mental fitness strategies and practices keeping exceptional humans at the top of their game personally and professionally.


Host of Eureka, a podcast by Baronfig


Interviewing thinkers turning ideas into reality.

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Co-host (previously) of Peak Health Unlocked


Producing original docuseries covering the latest science, technology, and wellness practices to help unlock your peak health. Brought to you by Thrive Performance & Regenerative Medicine.

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