Launching human-centered podcasts with intention & vision.

A podcast on its own is great. But a podcast with a clear vision and an integrated brand strategy is better. This is where I can help.

How will a podcast integrate within your brand?

What format makes the most sense?

What visual identity will the show have?

How can you reach the 'unreachable' guests?

All questions I love answering. Let's rock!

My Podcast.

Host of the Behind The Human podcast (Top 100 in Fitness) - Unpacking the mental fitness strategies and practices keeping exceptional humans at the top of their game personally and professionally.

Speaking & Coaching.

Passionate about helping teams and individuals declutter and unlock their minds to feel and perform at their best.


Focused on leaving people with a refreshed perspective on how to train their mind, form healthy habits and easily implement mental fitness practices. 

For keynote talks and/or individual coaching calls let's chat.

Connecting and working with stunning humans and brands.

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